Man of Steel Watch Party Announced by Zack Snyder

Man of Steel Watch Party Announced by Zack Snyder

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Zack Snyder had recently made headlines again when word came out that he had done a screening of his cut of Justice League back in February. While we don’t have an official update, Snyder has decided to announce watch party for his DCEU start—Man of Steel.

Here’s the post:

Just like he did with Batman v Superman, we should expect Snyder to give us some interesting insight on his take on Superman. While a lot of people considered BvS a tad divisive, I think the reception for Man of Steel was generally more positive, otherwise, how would Snyder have been hired to direct the sequel?

If anything, a lot of eyes are going to be on this Man of Steel watch party. There has been a lot of buzz going around about the Snyder Cut as of late, and it seems all too convenient that Snyder would suddenly want to make a watch party for MoS. Fingers crossed we do get some significant updates, but to save yourself from disappointment, I think it’s best to just expect Snyder to give us some interesting tidbits about making the film and crafting the DCEU.

I’ll admit, the DCEU isn’t perfect, even when Snyder was in charge, but you have to admire his ambition when it came to building DC’s cinematic universe. He attempted to bring more mature storytelling into the world as compared to Marvel, and it’s probably because of him that we have so much variety in the DC releases like with Joker, Shazam!, and Birds of Prey.

Snyder’s Man of Steel watch party takes place on May 20.



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