Madame Web Trailer is Spider-Man Meets Final Destination

Madame Web Trailer is Spider-Man Meets Final Destination

Sony has already given us a look at their upcoming Kraven the Hunter movie, but they also have another spider-verse spinoff with Madame Web. The movie is set to release next year, and we have a new trailer with Dakota Johnson, Isabela Meced, Sydney Sweeney, and Celeste O’Connor.

Watch this:

We don’t know what the full story of the film is going to be, but it does look like Madame Web (Johnson) is going to be going up against another Spider-person in the form of Ezekiel Sims. In the comic, Sims has all the powers of Spider-Man, but he got them through more mystical means.

It’s unclear what Sims could be wanting with the girls that Madame Web would be protecting, but it does seem like they all have their own unique spider powers; maybe Johnson will be their version of Professor X. Julia Carpenter (Sweeney), Anya Corazon (Merced), and Mattie Franklin (O’Connor) are all different Spider-Women in the comics—maybe Madame Web is trying to go at it with a Charlie’s Angels angle?

If you’ve read the comics, you’ll know that Madame Web is a paralyzed old woman, and it looks like we’re going to be seeing her origin story and the origin of several other Spider-Women. We still have no idea where Sony wants to go with this franchise, but some are guessing it’s all building up to more Multiverse shenanigans that will introduce more Spider-Man characters besides Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

Regardless, the internet is already having fun with the trailer, especially counting the reputation of Sony’s Spider-Verse spinoffs:

Madame Web is set to release in theaters on Feb. 14, 2024.


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