Anthony Mackie Announces Title Change for Captain America 4

Anthony Mackie Announces Title Change for Captain America 4

Captain America: New World Order is currently shooting, but it looks like the film is going through a change that won’t necessarily delay the release.

As announced by Captain America Anthony Mackie himself, the next Cap film is now going to be called Captain America: Brave New World. Here’s his post which includes a set photo of himself with Harrison Ford who is said to be playing the movie’s antagonist—US President Thunderbolt Ross:


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We don’t know exactly why the movie decided to change titles, but Brave New World does have a more cultural significance to it, seeing as it’s the name of a classic science fiction novel from Aldous Huxley. It’s unclear if the movie is going to draw any inspiration from the novel, but based on the leaked plot points going around online, the themes could be very different.

I guess it’s also interesting to note that there was a 2020 adaptation of Huxley’s Brave New World on Peacock which only lasted one season, and it stared Alden Ehrenreich, who played young Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s just funny that both Ehrenreich and Ford have now played Han Solo and are starring in a property titled Brave New World.

Going back to Mackie, we do get a look at his new Captain America outfit, which is different from the one we see in Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This outfit still has the wing pack on his back, and has a lot less white on it, but some fans have been wondering if Mackie is going to be getting his own Captain America helmet.

Note, you can also spot the white outfit from the show in one of the screens behind the Ford and Mackie, so it’s possible the suit could still appear in the film.

Watch out for Captain America: Brave New World which comes out May 3, 2024.


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