Ironheart Casts Han Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich

Ironheart Casts Han Solo Star Alden Ehrenreich

Alden Ehrenreich may not be reprising Han Solo any time soon, but he is coming back under the Disney umbrella for something in the Marvel Universe.

Deadline reports that Ehrenreich as joined Disney+’s Ironheart series and has been cast in a ‘key role.’ While nothing official has been confirmed about Ehrenreich’s character, there are rumors going around that the main antagonist of the film is going to be the son of Obadiah Stane, who has kind of a grudge on Iron Man, seeing that Stane took Tony under his wing when Howard Stark died.

If you’ve watched Ehrenreich’s work in Hail, Caesar!, Solo, and Brave New World, you’ll know that he’s a pretty solid actor. I guess we haven’t really seen him stretch his muscles as a villain yet, so it would be great to see him actually take on that role in a future film. Let’s just hope that Disney+ doesn’t botch the character.

When it comes to recent Marvel villains, they have been more memorable when it comes to films, but now the Disney+ series are suffering from Forgettable Villain syndrome. Besides Ethan Hawke in Moon Knight and the Clandestines in Ms. Marvel, Disney has even managed to water down Kingpin who made his re-debut in the Hawkeye series.

Hopefully we get some more details on the series soon—especially with Dominique Thorne expected to make her Riri Williams debut in the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Ironheart is yet to receive a release date, but you can catch Riri in the Black Panther sequel which hits theaters on Nov. 11.


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