Lord of the Rings Series Gets First Look and Release Date

Lord of the Rings Series Gets First Look and Release Date

It has been years since Amazon had announced their Lord of the Rings series, and after all the hype that this would be the most expensive show the streaming service ever produced, we finally have a first look as well as a release date.

Here’s the first official image from Lord of the Rings (via Variety):

Lord of the Rings Amazon
Source: Amazon (via Variety)

It has also been reported that the series is set to debut on September 2, 2022 with a weekly release model. Amazon didn’t reveal who the character in the photo was, but fans online are already making their guesses. Some think that this could be a young Galadriel, but some think this could be the character Glorfindel, a might elf warrior and lord of the House of the Golden Flower.

Since the show is still called Lord of the Rings, we should expect Sauron to be integral to the show. The series take place in the Second Age of Middle-Earth, the time that the Rings of Power were forged. It’s possible that the person in the photo could be Annatar, the form that Sauron takes when he deceives the elves into helping him forge the rings.

With a release date set for September, it will be a while before Amazon will start their promotional push for the series. Optimistically, we could be looking at a first teaser sometime in the New Year. LOTR is one of the biggest movie franchises ever, and fans expect no less from a series.

Catch Lord of the Rings when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 2, 2022.


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