Live-Action Naruto Movie in the Works

Live-Action Naruto Movie in the Works

After the success of One Piece for Netflix, a lot of fans are now wondering what other shounen properties can get the live-action treatment. As it turns out, another adaptation of an anime property from the ‘00s is in development.

As confirmed by Variety, writer Tasha Huo, who wrote the upcoming Red Sonja movie, has also developed a script for a Naruto film. We don’t have much details on the movie yet, but Huo does say about her writing, “Adapting iconic characters or IP makes the writing of it easier, because the passion for writing it is already there… I’m so inspired by these characters already that it’s exciting to just take a part of their journey and try to tell that fun story in a way that would appeal to me as a fan.”

Naruto the manga was published back in 1999 by author Masashi Kishimoto and was at the height of its success around the 2000s. The story follows a ninja named Naruto Uzumaki, a reject when compared to his peers, who is on the journey to become his villages most powerful ninja, dubbed the Hokage.

The main Naruto manga had ended back in 2014, but has since been continuing with Naruto’s son Boruto in the spotlight with several characters from the original manga appearing as their older selves.

There have been adaptations of Naruto for anime and a live-action theatrical play, but we have yet to get a live-action film. Hopefully Huo will be paired with the right director by Lionsgate to make this Naruto film a hit among fans and newcomers.

No release date has been announced for the live-action Naruto film.


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