Liv Tyler Joins Captain America: New World Order

Liv Tyler Joins Captain America: New World Order

We know that Captain America: New World Order will be featuring an array of Hulk characters from the Leader (Tim Blake Nelson) to Thunderbolt Ross (Harrison Ford), but another face will be coming back to make you think this is supposed to be a Hulk movie.

According to THR, Liv Tyler, who played Bruce Banner’s love interest Betty Ross in The Incredible Hulk, will be reprising the character in Captain America: New World Order. We don’t know exactly what her role is going to be, but Betty Ross has always been the moral voice for her father Thunderbolt Ross, who could be unleashing some kind of hell on Earth, seeing that he’s become the president of the United States.

The plot for New World Order is kept under wraps, but I have a feeling that it’s going to have something to do with super soldiers—which was the reason the Hulk ended up existing in the first place. I’m guessing President Ross will be asking the Leader to help him make a bunch of Hulk soldiers, which will backfire; and it will be up to Captain America to stop him.

With Sam Wilson actively rejecting the super soldier serum in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, this continuation of the argument of super soldiers could very well be in the center of the film. Add to that you have Ross as the leader of the US; so you have one big moral dilemma for the new Captain America.

Then again, this plot is just speculation on my part. Until Marvel Studios reveals something, all we can do is guess.

Catch Captain America: New World Order when it comes to theaters May 3, 2024.


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