Leaked Star Wars Episode IX Images Reveal Knights of Ren, Lando, and More

Leaked Star Wars Episode IX Images Reveal Knights of Ren, Lando, and More

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Everyone is gearing up for the big Star Wars Episode IX panel coming to Celebration next month, but we got an early treat in the form of some leaked images from the film.

Check them out:

There’s a lot to dissect from the poster, alone, seeing that it confirms a lot of the rumors surrounding the movie. We get a first look at the new red stormtroopers (who I suspect are clones), and we also have the return of Kylo Ren’s mask. We also get a look at the Knights of Ren, plus some returning ships at the background like the OT Y-Wing. There’s also a new ship for the FO that looks to be inspired by the TIE Interceptor.

As for these new character images, we have our first look at Billy Dee Williams reprising Lando Calrissian. The color scheme of his outfit is pretty much the same one from Solo, what with the black cape and yellow shirt. We also have confirmation on the names of incoming characters like Zorii (Keri Russell) and Jannah (Naomi Ackie). We don’t know what they’re roles in the movie are yet, but my guess is that Zorii will be a Boba Fett-type who will replace Phasma in the First Order, and Jannah is a Resistance soldier who will be helping Finn and Poe (as confirmed by some set photos).

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20.


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