‘The Last of Us Part II’ is Co-Written by a ‘Westworld’ Writer

‘The Last of Us Part II’ is Co-Written by a ‘Westworld’ Writer

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The Last of Us Part II is officially a thing. Over the weekend, writer/director Neil Druckmann revealed who’s sharing co-writing duties with him. The announcement came via a response Druckmann made on Twitter to a Halley Gross post:

Halley Gross’ most recent work includes two episodes of HBO’s Westworld, Tromp L’Oeil and The Adversary. She also holds some story editor credits on the hit show, one of which includes the finale. How’s that for awesome?

Additionally interesting about Druckmann’s tweet is his “intense” tease. Of course, very little in The Last of Us wasn’t intense. However, this could also intimate the narrative’s “hate”-filled theme. During a panel at PSX, Druckmann said that if TLoU was about the love between Joel and Ellie, than Part II is about hate. We’re still in the dark in exactly who that hate will be directed towards. Although, the trailer seems to indicate much of it may be for the Fireflies.

Fan theories are already running amok. Many assume Joel will die at the hands of a Firefly, setting Ellie on a revenge arc. Others are of the mind that in the time since we’ve seen them, Ellie has met someone special — a confidant similar to her best friend, Riley. This theorized individual is killed by the Fireflies, or another group, and that puts Ellie on a war path. Either theory could be right, but it’s also possible that both are laughably incorrect.

Whichever way the next chapter in Joel and Ellie’s story goes, we don’t expect to know too much more for a while. The sequel is still very much in the early stages of development. As the wait continues on, share your thoughts and theories in the comments below.

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