Bert Kreischer Returns to Hot Ones to Promote Release of The Machine

Bert Kreischer Returns to Hot Ones to Promote Release of The Machine

Stand-up comic Bert Kreischer is set to lead his own action-comedy movie with The Machine set to come out later this month, and like any other promoter, he found himself sitting back with Sean Evans on Hot Ones.

Kreischer didn’t have to go through the gauntlet again, but he did have some spicy wings before plugging his movie with a dash of body positivity:

Kreischer actually appeared on a kind of spinoff of the main Hot Ones show which has been dubbed Hot Ones Classic which will have guests who have appeared on the series look back at the episode they’ve done. With the interviews on the show being pretty extensive and Kreischer having already appeared on it twice, I guess a retrospective is pretty much called for.

Here’s the full episode:

There’s actually a part in the episode where Kreischer gets emotional because of where he was in his life back in 2016, and there’s also some great insight and updates based on his original Hot Ones appearance. If you love the show, it’s also fun to see just how much the series has evolved over the years.

Here’s the synopsis for The Machine:

Bert’s drunken past catches up with him 20 years down the road when he and his father are kidnapped by those Bert wronged 20 years ago while drunk on a college semester abroad in Russia.

Catch The Machine when it comes to theaters on May 26.


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