Kit Harington Has Not Watched the Game of Thrones Finale

Kit Harington Has Not Watched the Game of Thrones Finale

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The Game of Thrones Season 8 finale has gone down to be one of the worst garbage fires in television history, and fans are still crying about it a year later. Though star Kit Harington (Jon Snow) had bashed on people who hated on the show before, he admits that he hasn’t watched the finale.

Talking during a Q&A session with @purple_dwagon on Twitter, Harington was asked to comment on fans wanting Jon to be on the Iron Throne, and he just casually dropped, “I haven’t seen it,” in the middle of a spiel about how Jon belongs in the North.

Watch this:

When it comes to broad strokes, fans were actually fine about how things turned out in the end, with Jon not taking the throne and Daenerys dying by his hand. The real problem was that it was all done in such a rushed fashion that there was no time to justify any character choices; it was just episode after episode of ‘what’s happening now?’ Even Cersei Lanniser, arguably one of the most devious villains in cinema, is treated as a red herring in place of the ‘real’ villain who was Daenerys.

There’s probably no way we’re going to get the season finale ‘fixed,’ but George R.R. Martin is working on The Winds of Winter which will possibly tie up all the loose ends. At some point, some people are joking that this whole COVID-19 thing happened just so Martin would be forced to stay at home and finish his book.

No release date has been set for The Winds of Winter.



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