Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and More Kick Ass in New Clip from Borderlands Movie

Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, and More Kick Ass in New Clip from Borderlands Movie

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga may not have tore it up on the big screen as expected by some movie fans, but we should be entering another colorful wasteland this August with the adaptation of Borderlands.

Just in, we have a new clip from the movie which features the core cast which includes Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jack Black, and Ariana Greenblatt. Check this out:

Though the world of Mad Max is known for being an apocalyptic wasteland, Borderlands sets itself apart by having more advanced kinds of technology including robots and space colonies. They also have humans with special powers i.e., Lilith who is a member of the Sirens.

Though video games adaptations have been getting a bad rap with the movie-going audience, there have been properties that have managed to succeed in the box office—albeit they are animated with Sonic the Hedgehog and The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The only well-received live-action adaptations have been series like The Last of Us and Fallout.

With Furiosa not being the audience draw that was expected, some could be worried for the Borderlands film, but with the inclusion of stars like Blanchett and Hart, maybe they could manage to draw in some interested fans.

Here’s the official description for the film:

Lilith (Blanchett), an infamous bounty hunter with a mysterious past, reluctantly returns to her home, Pandora, the most chaotic planet in the galaxy. Her mission is to find the missing daughter of Atlas (Ramírez), the universe’s most powerful S.O.B. Lilith forms an unexpected alliance with a ragtag team of misfits – Roland (Hart), a seasoned mercenary on a mission; Tiny Tina (Greenblatt), a feral pre-teen demolitionist; Krieg (Munteanu), Tina’s musclebound protector; Tannis (Curtis), the oddball scientist who’s seen it all; and Claptrap (Black), a wiseass robot.

Together, these unlikely heroes must battle an alien species and dangerous bandits to uncover one of Pandora’s most explosive secrets. The fate of the universe could be in their hands – but they’ll be fighting for something more: each other. Based on one of the best-selling videogame franchises of all time, welcome to BORDERLANDS.

The Borderlands movie is set to come to theaters on Aug. 9.


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