Jurassic Park: Survival Game Officially Revealed at TGA 2023

Jurassic Park: Survival Game Officially Revealed at TGA 2023

The Jurassic World franchise may have come to an end with Jurassic World: Dominion, and it will probably be a while before we get to see another Jurassic on the big screen. What’s cool is, Saber Interactive is going to be bringing the world of Jurassic Park into the gaming space with their newly announced Jurassic Park: Survival.

Check this out:

There was actually another Jurassic Park: Survival that was being developed back in the early 2000s and it was set to be published by Konami, but the game had some development hiccups and was ultimately cancelled. It was supposed to be based on Jurassic Park III which also came out around the same time, but with this new title, the setting seems to be the original Jurassic Park, but we should be expecting a completely new story.

The game is being described as a single-player action-adventure, so we should expect all kinds of running and sneaking around. Based on the brief gameplay we see at the end, it does look like it’s going to be a first-person game; so maybe we should expect some shooter elements—but I would be impressed if they managed to keep it all animal friendly.

With no release date in sight, we may have to wait a bit longer before the next update on this game.

Jurassic Park: Survival is yet to receive a release date, but it is expected to launch for PC, Xbox Series X|S, an PS5.


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