Jodie Foster’s Black Mirror Episode Looks Like It’s Going To Be Terrifying

Jodie Foster’s Black Mirror Episode Looks Like It’s Going To Be Terrifying

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Control might be the key to good parenting in Black Mirror, but in history, it’s been anything but.

Black Mirror just dropped this new trailer, and we are creeped out. This episode was directed by Jodie Foster and it looks like she nailed it.

The trailer starts off innocent enough with a mother playing hide and seek with her adorable child. Then it segues into a man saying “I’m almost 2000 years old and I remember when we used to open up the door and just let the kids be.” as the child plays on a swing, but in Black Mirror fashion the peacefulness ends quickly. In the next scene, you see the mother frantically looking for her child when a passerby finally finds her. This leads to the mother going to a clinic and talking about a “trial period” where they’re sure to find peace of mind. A few more scenes flash by and it then shows the child getting pricked in the head with a needle while the words “It’s completely safe” are being uttered over the visuals. Then the screen fades to white, and the words Arkangel appear on the screen.

It’s ominous and on point for Black Mirror where almost every episode seems to lead to someone dying or going insane. Overall, it looks like a promising episode, but don’t be surprised if we end up watching this in the middle the day and follow it up with an episode of Friends just to get over it.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new season of Black Mirror?


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