Watch: Jeff Bridges’ TRON Joke Goes Over Everyone’s Heads

Watch: Jeff Bridges’ TRON Joke Goes Over Everyone’s Heads

Jeff Bridges has several iconic roles under his belt, but sci-fi fans know him best for his role as Kevin Flynn is Disney’s TRON.

In a recent appearance in THR’s Round Table, Jeff Bridges actually makes a joke about being sucked into a video game with TRON, and everyone else on the table kind of just missed his spot-on reference. Watch this:

Though the people on the table missed the reference, everyone else online definitely caught the joke, and has been poking fun at the table for not getting Bridges’ TRON joke:

For now, it looks like Bridges’ TRON days are over, but Disney definitely has plans to keep making more movies; if they can only get the project off the ground. Though Legacy was supposed to set the stage for a trilogy of TRON films, it looks like Disney is going to go back to square one with a project called TRON: Ares starring Jared Leto.

Here’s the synopsis for the original TRON:

A computer hacker is abducted into the digital world and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program.

There hasn’t been that many updates on Ares over the past few months, but with all of Disney’s advancements with VFX and director Joachim Rønning hired last January, maybe we could be getting an update on the movie soon, hopefully during this year’s D23 Expo.

As of now, no release date has been set for TRON: Ares starring Jared Leto.


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