Jared Leto had No Idea the Coronavirus Pandemic was Going On

Jared Leto had No Idea the Coronavirus Pandemic was Going On

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Suicide Squad actor Jared Leto has always been a bit of an eccentric, and while the world has gone on lockdown thanks to the Coronavirus Outbreak,  Leto has revealed that he is only now learning about the Pandemic.

This was his post on IG:

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Regardless, everyone thinks that it’s hilariously on-brand that Leto would be this clueless about the outbreak. After all, going on a 12-day silent meditation sounds like something he would definitely get into. For now though, everyone is having a laugh:


The world is going on lockdown thanks to the outbreak of COVID-19, and everyone has been urged to stay inside their homes to prevent the spread of the virus. Probably one of the industries to get hit the hardest is the box office, and movie theaters have been shutting down all over the world, in an attempt to prevent large crowds from gathering.

While some would like to think this crisis will only take place in a few weeks, we could be looking at months of quarantine and lockdown. For those who have to go out though, remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly, and try your best not to panic-buy supplies; other people need them too.

Here’s to hoping that Jared Leto has caught up with the world, now that he’s back out of it. Hopefully the virus have been handled with by the time Morbius hits theaters in July.


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