James Gunn Hopes He Can Start Sharing The Suicide Squad ‘VERY SOON’

James Gunn Hopes He Can Start Sharing The Suicide Squad ‘VERY SOON’

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While he may be coming back for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, James Gunn is currently attached to direct The Suicide Squad sequel/reboot for the DCEU. We haven’t had an official look at the movie yet, but Gunn is hoping he could give us something soon.

This was his Suicide Squad post on Twitter:

For now, it looks like DC is currently working on the promotion of Joker as well as some early teasers for Birds of Prey. A teaser for Birds of Prey has actually been released in theaters to help promote IT: Chapter Two, but fans are hoping we get an online release in the same week as well. After all, with the movie set to come out in February 2020, it would make sense to start promotions as early as now. As for The Suicide Squad, the movie is still slated for an Aug 2021 release, so it would be a while before we get to see some promotional material. Hopefully, with production starting soon, Gunn would give us a few teases here and there.

It’s still unclear what The Suicide Squad is officially, but seeing as it will include characters from the original film, some are confident enough to dub it as a sequel. With Gunn not preferring that term though, some are thinking it’s going to be a “soft” reboot. Prequel is the last thing on my mind, but if Gunn thinks that’s the direction the franchise should go, then I’m all up for it.

Catch The Suicide Squad when it hits theaters Aug. 6, 2021.


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