Jacob Batalon Sports a Hoodie with a Fun Tom Holland Easter Egg

Jacob Batalon Sports a Hoodie with a Fun Tom Holland Easter Egg

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The reveals for Spider-Man: No Way Home have been slow and steady, but set photos from the film have been making their way online. What’s funny is, there’s this set photo of Jacob Batalon (Ned) which has him sporting a hoodie with a silly Tom Holland Easter Egg.

As it turns out, Batalon has a hoodie which features Holland performing Umbrella during his one appearance from Lip Sync Battle. Check it out:


We don’t know if Batalon would actually be allowed to wear that hoodie in the movie, but it would be a really fun Easter Egg if it ever makes its way into Spider-Man: No Way Home. I mean, with the Spidey films already referencing Star Wars and other material, what’s one sneaky shot of a hoodie featuring Tom Holland dancing to Rihanna’s Umbrella?

For now, things seem to be going smoothly when it comes to Spider-Man: No Way Home. Sony is yet to release an official synopsis for the movie, but fans are almost sure that the movie will deal with a Spider-Verse and we’ll get to see a team-up of previous Spider-Men including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

With the film set to come out this December, it’s likely we could get our first teaser sometime in June. At this point, it’s likely Sony could even time it with the release of Black Widow, which will hopefully stick to its new release date of July 9.

For now, fans wait for Spider-Man: No Way Home which is set to hit theaters on Dec. 17.


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