Hugh Jackman Finally Dons the Yellow Spandex in Set Photos from Deadpool 3

Hugh Jackman Finally Dons the Yellow Spandex in Set Photos from Deadpool 3

Fans were only speculating that it was going to happen, but Deadpool 3 is finally going to give us the fan moment that comic nerds have been waiting for since the first X-Men came out back in 2000.

Some set photos have revealed Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool walking alongside Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine—clad in his classic yellow and blue costume. Check this out:

There are also some set photos that have come out of Jackman in action, and it looks like he’s going to be having a fight with Wade:

While the costume does have the blue and yellow, some fans are still wondering if Wolverine is going to be getting his classic mask (which actually showed up in the solo Wolverine film, albeit Jackman never wore it). They’re also kind of bummed that Jackman’s sleeves are covered up; seeing that he’s gotten into ridiculous shape to return as the character, it’s kind of weird not to show off all that hard work onscreen.

There are also other set photos that reveal a fallen logo for 20th Century Fox, and it’s very likely that Deadpool is going to be talking about the Fox merger with Disney, which effectively ended their X-Men, X-Force, and other mutant franchises.

Though Deadpool does have some fun commentary on the genre, some think that the films tend to go over the top with the references. With director Shawn Levy behind the wheel though, I’m excited to see how they plan to bring in DP to the main MCU canon.

Deadpool 3 releases in theaters on Nov. 8, 2024.


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