Ben Affleck in Talks to Join the MCU?

Ben Affleck in Talks to Join the MCU?

Ben Affleck’s Daredevil and Batman days may be over, but word is going around that he could be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe soon.

As per @MyTimeToShineH on Twitter, Affleck is currently in talks to play Dario Agger a.k.a. the Minotaur a.k.a. the President of the Roxxon Corporation. Here’s the post:

Seeing that Affleck had recently played Bruce Wayne for DC, having him play another billionaire in a comic book franchise could be fitting. Though comic book films tend to glorify billionaires like Tony Stark, I’m kind of hoping that Affleck (should he land the role) draws from some modern-day influences—kind of like Edward Norton’s character in Glass Onion.

With Marvel’s ever growing web of projects, it’s starting to be inevitable that every working actor in the industry would have had worked with the studio at least once. While actors who worked on both Marvel and DC used to be such a huge deal, I think that list of comic book actors is going to keep growing as the comic book genre continues to dominate the box office (and streaming; don’t forget about the Disney+ shows).

After he got burned with Batman by WB, I’m just hoping that Affleck is able to find a good role that makes good use of his talent. We never got to see his Batman arc completed, but if he was an evil Tony Stark in the MCU? I’m sure I would line up to see it.

No official announcement has been made about Ben Affleck joining the MCU.


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