Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio Teaming Up For New Karate Kid Movie

Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio Teaming Up For New Karate Kid Movie

The Karate Kid films had been a defining cult franchise of the 80s and has seen several revivals; once with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith back in 2010, and another more recent attempt with Cobra Kai. With the success of the latter on streaming,  it looks like Karate Kid is ready to make a comeback on the big screen—and we could have another ‘multiverse’ situation in our hands.

As announced by Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan, they will be teaming up for a new Karate Kid film, and the search is on for a new lead. Here’s the announcement:

Though a lot of fans will attest that Xolo Mariduena was the new Karate Kid of Cobra Kai, even those kids have managed to grow up over the years, and it’s time for Gen Alpha to get their own martial arts idol.

We don’t have any details of the story yet, but fans are hoping that the movie will take into consideration the events of Cobra Kai. Of course, we also shouldn’t forget that the 2010 Karate Kid would also have its own fans, counting that the movie did make bank at the box office.

It is curious why it didn’t get a sequel though.

Seeing as a lot of fans did love Cobra Kai, it is kind of disappointing that the creators Jon Hurwitz, John Heald, and Hayden Schlossberg won’t be directly involved in the making of the film Gizmodo does report that they have seen the scripts and given their notes; plus they give director Jonathan Entwistle (The End of the F**king World) their full support.

Now who do we talk to to confirm that William Zabka a.k.a. Johnny Lawrence is also in the movie?

The next Karate Kid movie is expected to come out Dec. 13, 2024.


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