‘Inhumans Vs X-Men’ #1 is the Better Civil War

‘Inhumans Vs X-Men’ #1 is the Better Civil War

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Marvel’s most recent comic book event, Inhumans Vs X-Men, is surprisingly a welcomed one, even though we haven’t finished with its latest yet. With just one issue in, this “survival of the fittest” plot has more moral dilemmas than all of Civil War and its sequel, as Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire introduce us to the repercussion of Cyclops’ death. Minor spoilers ahead.

Presently, in Marvel Comics, there’s a Terrigen Mist cloud traveling the world that was found to be poisonous to mutants. Previously, Cyclops and Emma Frost took charge in destroying the clouds circling the Earth, but were cut off by the Inhuman king. During the battle, Black Bolt kills Scott Summers. That leads to a truce between mutants and inhumans, which allows Dr. Hank McCoy time to figure out how to preserve the two super-powered races. Sadly, Beast’s scientific advances fail, leading the X-Men to take on a more assertive stance.

Needless to say, this lack of peaceful solution is what begins the battle between the headlining Marvel teams. The X-Men’s initial strike against the Inhumans could be taken as brutal and maybe even unjust, but its methods are really crafty against the royal family. Some of the mutant powers pitted against the Inhumans’ are intelligent. Never would I have considered Dazzler’s powers against Black Bolt’s. Another good aspect of this book was showing how religiously important terrigenesis is for the Inhumans. Medusa talks to some children about it, and describes as a very alluring process.

This book’s visuals are appropriately elegant. While the colors (by David Curiel) have bleaker tones than I’m used to, they beautifully complement Leinil Francis Yu and Gerry Alanguilan’s art. I hope the art will consistently be this good, especially since art delays tend to prolong event books like this, and Marvel’s in the habit of changing artists to meet deadlines.

Unlike the two previous Civil Wars (and the Avengers Vs X-Men event), where it was easy to pick a side, this has an ethical conflict that can be seen from both parties. It’s really hard to villainize any of the two teams since each is fighting for its race’s survival. I hope this rational, thought-provoking story continues to be told concurrently with awesome battle splash pages.

Image: Marvel Comics

Final Thoughts

This is the comic book event where you might have a favorite team, but the reasoning behind each opposing side is a valid one. Which super-human race does Marvel want to keep around by the end of this event? Lets hope for a co-existing solution.


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