Hulu Open to Picking Up Cancelled Marvel Netflix Shows Like Daredevil and Luke Cage

Hulu Open to Picking Up Cancelled Marvel Netflix Shows Like Daredevil and Luke Cage

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Marvel Netflix had just gotten three out of their five shows cancelled, and nobody is expecting the return of Jessica Jones or The Punisher either. While some people have been petitioning for Netflix to reconsider saving the shows, Hulu has said that they are open to picking up where Marvel Netflix left off.

Talking to The Wrap, senior vice president of originals Craig Erwich says, “Marvel has a ton of titles we’d be interested in…it kind of just depends on when they’re ready, [and] who, most importantly, is going to be behind these things.”

Besides The Runaways, Hulu has just announced that they are working on an animated Marvel universe with titles Howard the Duck, MODOK, Hit-Monkey, and Tigra & Dazzler under the same banner. All the shows will eventually lead to a team-up a la The Defenders, but this one will the called The Offenders instead.

When it comes to Hulu’s relationship with Marvel, Erwich says:

“We’ve had a relationship with Marvel since ‘Runaways,’ we’re getting into business on these animated shows…I’m sure it will lead to — you know, business gets you business — we have a good creative relationship with them. That’s where opportunities tend to arise.”

I admit, Marvel Netflix definitely had its moments, but with the Disney/Fox acquisition on the rise plus the upcoming Disney+, I kind of want to see if Marvel Studios has anything planned for these characters. I mean, sure I’d want to see more of Charlie Cox as Daredevil, but how awesome would it be if he teamed up with Spider-Man or Doctor Strange? I just feel that continuing with another network would ruin the chances of a crossover with the main MCU timeline.

Then again, what do I know about Marvel’s plans. If they didn’t want to do anything with the Marvel Netflix characters moving forward, then I guess a revival by Hulu would be the best choice.

For now, all we really have to do is wait. No announcement has been made about an official pick-up of the cancelled Marvel Netflix shows.


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