Han Solo Rumored for a Return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Han Solo Rumored for a Return in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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With Carrie Fisher having died back in 2016, Star Wars Episode IX had lost its main legacy character and a Lucasfilm had to find a way to appropriately compensate the loss. We already know that Lando Calrissian and Luke Skywalker are coming back, but it also looks like the movie is going to bring back one scruffy-looking nerfherder.

As per Making Star Wars, a source of theirs says that Harrison Ford will be reprising the role of Han Solo in what looks to be a vision sequence for Kylo Ren. This was the breakdown from the site:

  • The main sequence takes place between Adam Driver and Harrison Ford or Kylo Ren and Han Solo.
  • One source called it a surprise intervention of sorts.
  • A source that did not work on or see the sequence believed it takes place when Kylo Ren asks the burned Darth Vader helmet to show him the darkness again.
  • Luke Skywalker appears to be the twist in the encounter.
  • The source was paraphrasing but Han Solo tells Ben Solo it isn’t too late and the sequence has a tone of forgiveness and understanding to it.
  • He’s not a “force ghost” in the classic sense and he’s part of a “vision” or “dream” type moment induced by Luke Skywalker.

Of course, we should still take this news with a grain of salt, but MSW has been known for some accurate leaks before, and with the Emperor being teased to come back, I wouldn’t say a vision return for Han Solo would be impossible.

If anything, they may not even use any new footage of Ford and just use stock footage like they did with Carrie Fisher.

If anything, I would be happy to see Ford back, and it was kind of nice to see him take the role of Han Solo in TFA with enthusiasm.

Catch Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters Dec. 20.


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