Godzilla vs. Kong Director in Talks to Helm Sequel

Godzilla vs. Kong Director in Talks to Helm Sequel

While a lot of people thought that Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise would end with a fizzle, Godzilla vs. Kong had released and got everyone excited for movies again. #ContinueTheMonsterverse had started trending, and now news is going around that the next entry in the franchise could be in the works.

As per THR, Adam Wingard, who had directed Godzilla vs. Kong, is in talks to direct the sequel. While we don’t know any plot details about it, word is going around that the title of the movie is going to be Son of Kong.

While Kong of the Monsters did tease a lot more kaiju down the line, the three main monsters in Godzilla vs. Kong ended up being Godzilla, Kong, and MechaGodzilla. Thankfully, there are a lot more Toho monsters that the franchise can choose from. We have yet to get a modern version of the giant turtle Gamera; how about an al-out war with a giant Ultraman? With the Pacific Rim franchise currently on the down-low, what are the odds that Legendary can just pull a multiverse story and have Jaegers clashing with the OG kaiju?

Though Godzilla vs. Kong may have been a success, the movie still suffers the same problem that the past three have, and that’s uninteresting human characters. Either Legendary has to find a way to solve that problem, or they can just lean in extra hard on the monster fights. Then again, that’s just my suggestion.

No release date has been set for Son of Kong, but you can catch Godzilla vs. Kong now available on HBO Max.


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