Godzilla vs. Kong Delayed by 8 Months

Godzilla vs. Kong Delayed by 8 Months

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Though Godzilla: King of Monsters ended up fixing everything that the first Godzilla failed at, it ultimately underperformed at the box office. Lucky for fans though, Legendary had committed to a third film already, and there’s no holding back on Godzilla vs. Kong. I guess the slight hiccup is that the movie had just been delayed.

According to Variety, Godzilla vs. Kong, which was originally set to come out on March 13, 2020, is now slated to hit theaters on Nov. 20, 2020. We don’t have any official reason on why the film was held back, but it’s speculated that the move was done in order to re-asses what makes the franchise successful. After all, before King of Monsters, Kong: Skull Island and 2014’s Godzilla still made a lot of money.

If you ask me, I still think King of Monsters was way better than the first Godzilla. Everyone complains about the human characters, but I think the ultimate point of the films is just to watch Godzilla fight other monsters. And you know what? The movie totally delivered on that promise. I mean, I wonder what all these other people were expecting.

Seeing that Godzilla vs. Kong is likely the end of the trilogy, I’m hoping that Legendary just manages to go all out with this film. I guess it’s kind of scary that the guy on the helm is the director of Netflix’s god-awful Death Note, but I’m a believer in improvement over time.

Catch Godzilla vs. Kong when it hits theaters Nov. 20, 2020.


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