Gen V Promo is a PSA about Safe Sex for Superheroes

Gen V Promo is a PSA about Safe Sex for Superheroes

The Boys has been toying around with the concept of super powers outside of the crimefighting arena, and now the spinoff Gen V is looking to bring the idea of metahumans into the raunchy world of a college campus.

Just in, we have a new mock PSA from ‘Vought International’ which promotes Safe Sex for superheroes, and it’s crazy just how different superpowers can change the idea of young adult hanky-panky. Watch this:

The official description reads:

Come one, come all. At Godolkin University, it doesn’t matter who finishes first, as long as no one gets hurt. Watch for tips on having a pleasurable semester, and visit for a special back-to-school offer!

With the world of The Boys filled with superheroes, it does make sense that there would be a specialized center that would help train them to control their powers and make sure they don’t slip up when it comes to saving civilians.

It’s pretty much the aged-up version of Disney’s Sky High, but since that movie’s sequel Save U didn’t push through, I guess Gen V will just have to do.

Besides an all-new cast of young wannabe heroes, we should also expect some guest appearances from The Boys characters like A-Train and new Vought CEO Ashley. We don’t know if Butcher could appear in the show, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hughie made a small cameo in the series.

Watch out for Gen V when it premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 29.


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