The Creator Director Gareth Edwards Looks Back at Rogue One Reshoots

The Creator Director Gareth Edwards Looks Back at Rogue One Reshoots

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story may be a beloved film among Star Wars fans, but there was word going around that director Gareth Edwards was boxed out of the editing room to have Tony Gilroy takeover and oversee reshoots.

We don’t know exactly how much of it is true, but the fact that Edwards hasn’t made a film in 7 years since Rogue One can be kind of telling. In a recent interview with Happy Sad Confused though, Edwards talks about his Star Wars experience and how he feels about the film now. Watch this:

“Look, making films is very hard, right? And I got to make a film in probably the best world and story that I could ever hope to be offered. And the idea of nitpicking or complaining about some aspects of it feels very ungrateful… So even if I went back in time I wouldn’t do anything differently. At the end of the day people aren’t shouting at me across the street saying I ruined their childhood.”

Though a lot of fans would love a more honest take on how Edwards feels about his Star Wars experience, a lot of them did consider this answer to be the classy thing to say. Even if he was boxed out, a lot of fans still loved Rogue One, and a lot of the hype for The Creator is thanks to the positive reception of his Star Wars movie.

I also can’t help but think that his last sentence had to be a reference to other Star Wars directors; like Rian Johnson who is no doubt followed online by an endless stream of haters who didn’t like The Last Jedi. It’s crazy how he hasn’t had a complete meltdown on some fans online yet.

For now, watch out for Gareth Edwards’ The Creator now showing in theaters.


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