Joker – Folie a Deux: Lady Gaga Shares First Look at Her Harley Quinn

Joker – Folie a Deux: Lady Gaga Shares First Look at Her Harley Quinn

A lot of fans weren’t expecting Joker to get a sequel, but here we are, with Joaquin Phoenix returning and Lady Gaga set to play Harley Quinn. Just in, Gaga has shared a first look at her in character, with Phoenix’s Joker complete with make-up.

Check out her post:

We don’t know exactly how the movie will tweak Quinn’s origin for the film, but long-time fans know that she was a psychiatrist at Arkham who was assigned to help the Joker; too bad for Gotham though, because she ended up falling in love with him and even helped him escape.

Seeing that Joker had played around with the origin of the character, even teasing that he could be the half-brother of Bruce Wayne, it’s very likely that they could change Quinn’s story. After all, the relationship is notoriously toxic, with the Joker clearly just using Quinn for his own purposes; but with Arthur Fleck not being known to be a manipulator, maybe this could end up being a more sincere romance in comic book terms.

The first movie was an in-depth character study that drew a lot of inspiration from Martin Scorsese films like Taxi Driver and King of Comedy, but rumors are going around that Folie a Deux will actually be a musical. With the first movie managing to take everyone by surprise, I’m hoping Todd Phillips manages to do the same with the sequel.

Hopefully by the third film, this Joker will be ready to face his true romance with his own version of the Batman.

Joker: Folie a Deux is set to release in theaters on Oct. 4, 2024.


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