Fantastic Four has Cast a Female Silver Surfer

Fantastic Four has Cast a Female Silver Surfer

MCU’s Fantastic Four is slowly coming together, and though we’ve had the announcement of the main cast for a while, everyone is still curious about who they’re going to be going up against.

Just in, Deadline has reported that Julia Garner (Ozark, Inventing Anna) is going to be starring as a female version of the Silver Surfer a.k.a. the Herald of Galactus.

The most popular iteration of the Silver Surfer is no doubt Norrin Radd who was played by Doug Jones in Rise of the Silver Surfer. This character though Shalla-Bal, is a variant of the Surfer from the comics. In the original continuity, Shalla-Bal was Radd’s first love, and he had made a deal with Galactus to find planets for him to eat, just so his planet would be spared.

We don’t know if the movie will eventually give us the Norrin Radd surfer, but there has been a rumor going around that this Fantastic Four would come from an alternate timeline. We don’t know how they’ll be fitting in the MCU yet, but with The Marvels already opening up the multiverse, we should expect Reed Richards and his family to also have something to do with experiments that have them jumping around the multiverse.

With the Surfer making an appearance in this movie though, everyone is expecting Galactus to be confirmed soon enough. We don’t know who could possibly play him, but I am up for the fancasting of Anya Taylor-Joy. I’d watch her snack on a planet like she ate that burger in The Menu.

The Fantastic Four is set to release in theatres on July 25, 2025.


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