Fans Rage Over Wonder Woman Not Getting An Oscar Nomination

Fans Rage Over Wonder Woman Not Getting An Oscar Nomination

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You may have already seen the snubs by The Academy towards some of the movies this year, and hey we get it there were a lot of choices, but one noticeable absent was ‘Wonder Woman.’ Not only was it the highest grossing film directed by a woman it also received praise from fans and critics alike.

Many people argue against it saying it was good, but not that good. However, some fans took to Twitter to throw out some numbers on why it deserved a least a nod in one category, and other’s are just showing ample shade at the apparent snob. Check out the tweets below:

Indeed this is a snub. ‘Suicide Squad‘ had won 2017 for best makeup, but the music, costumes, screenplay even direction in Wonder Woman were all snubbed. Indeed Patty Jenkins at least deserves some recognition for her work on this, after all, it was the only DC Movie in a long while to get positive praise for plot and direction, and that’s saying a lot for a Superhero movie. We supposed you could also say the competition was just too fierce, but if that’s the case how did ‘Boss Baby‘ get a nomination over ‘Lego: Batman’? Sure it’s animated, but really?

One thing we do know is that The Oscars always manage to give us a few let downs and this is indeed one of the moments.

In the meantime, we have to ask, if ‘Wonder Woman‘ had been nominated what would you have wanted to see it nominated for? As well, what do you blame this snub on? Let us know in the comments below.


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