Ezra Miller Gets Candid on Flash Delay, Confirms a Speedster Multiverse

Ezra Miller Gets Candid on Flash Delay, Confirms a Speedster Multiverse

Ezra Miller was set to star in the Flash solo film for the DCEU, and the movie was supposed to come out sometime last year, had it not been for multiple delays. Now the movie could be looking at a 2021 release, and Miller himself gives us an update on why the film is taking so long.

Check out this interview:

Just like the delay with Matt Reeves’ The Batman, it looks like the filmmakers are trying their best to come up with the best possible story for the character before they move forward. Sure the Flash isn’t part of the DC trinity, but he’s certainly one of the franchise’s biggest heroes. Heck, he’s a founding member of the Justice League.

Back then it was said that the film would be based on the Flashpoint Paradox storyline, but it looks like the film has dropped that notion. Now it seems that we’re going to be looking at the Flash’s own extended universe and will be given a ‘speedster multiverse’ as Miller puts it. The concept is definitely something familiar with comics, but the multiverse is something that’s been rarely explored in superhero movies up until Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

I just think it’s a funny coincidence that Flash will now be dealing with multiverses, given that director John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein were the writers behind Spider-Man: Homecoming.

No release date has been set for the Flash solo movie, but we could be looking at a premiere sometime in 2021.


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