Elizabeth Olsen Is the Center of a Crazy Murder in Trailer for Love & Death

Elizabeth Olsen Is the Center of a Crazy Murder in Trailer for Love & Death

We watched Elizabeth Olsen try and attempt a TV sitcom life with WandaVision, but things didn’t really turn out the way they’re planned. What’s curious is, we have another series with Olsen featuring another disturbing case in the middle of suburbia.

Here’s the trailer for Love & Death:

The series description reads:

Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore had a lot in common: They sang together in the Methodist church choir, their daughters were best friends, and their husbands had good jobs working for technology companies in the north Dallas suburbs known as Silicon Prairie. But beneath the placid surface of their seemingly perfect lives, both women simmered with unspoken frustrations and unanswered desires.

The story is actually based on the true case of Candy Montgomery, whose story was also adapted by Hulu last year with Candy starring Jessica Biel. With that series only receiving middling reviews, you can bet on HBO Max to try and up the ante and tell the tale in their own Emmy-award-winning way.

Here’s the trailer for Candy to compare:

It’s actually odd that the properties would release so close to each other, especially with the case being as old as it is; but based on real-life photos of Montgomery, it does look like the Hulu series looks a lot closer to real life.

Then again, it will have to depend on how the story is going to be told with Love & Death. Watch out for the series when it premieres on HBO Max on April 27.


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