New Clip from Dungeons & Dragons Movie Features Some Light Necromancy

New Clip from Dungeons & Dragons Movie Features Some Light Necromancy

Next month will see the release of the Dungeons & Dragons movie starring Chris Pine, and though it still has a few weeks to go, we have a new clip that has the team performing some ‘light necromancy.’

Check this out:

The clip basically has the party resurrecting the dead to gather some information, but since there are rules to necromancy, they could only ask five questions.

Though necromancy is considered a ‘dark art’ and is usually forbidden when it comes to fantasy worlds, it seems that the spell here is being used for laughs, and we have the party struggling to get answers without mistakenly asking the wrong questions.

The lore of Dungeons & Dragons may be serious, but as more people have been playing the game today, the tone of DND has admittedly changed, with characters usually taking on modern personalities (and humor) and being thrust into a serious fantasy world.

If anything, the movie looks to be embracing modern Dungeons & Dragons, having the characters written like a mishmash of certain players, with Pine being the reckless bard paired with Michelle Rodriguez who is just in it for the action, and Justice Smith who seems to be a newbie with magic.

The only other property I think that comes close with the tone is Amazon’s animated The Legend of Vox Machina, which is also based on an actual DND campaign; but I guess the movie is going to be more family-friendly.

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is set to hit cinemas on March 31.


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