Dune 3 Already Greenlit?

Dune 3 Already Greenlit?

Dune: Part Two is set to close the original book in the series from Frank Herbert, but director Denis Villeneuve has revealed that he would want to make a third Dune film to explore the events of Dune: Messiah.

Naturally, fans though that WB would wait for the reception of the second Dune before they would make a choice, but it looks like they’ve already made a decision. According to Jeff Sneider’s newsletter, WB is already looking at Dune: Part Three to have a release around 2027. The post read:

“… I’m already hearing rumblings that WB is so bullish on Villeneuve’s vision for Dune that Part Three has been already been greenlit with a 2027 release date in mind. WB sees Part Two as a home run, and internally, I’m hearing the studio is already projecting an opening north of $100 million. That may be optimistic, but given the trailer above, hardly out of the question.”

Anyone whose done their research on the Dune series will know that Herbert wanted to criticize the ‘chosen one’ trope with Dune. Though Paul did want to save the Fremen, his victory will lead to another holy war in his name. Part Three is said to explore that downfall, and it was all teased way back in the first movie.

With the next Star Wars still being pretty far off, it would be great to see another huge sci-fi franchise come to the spotlight. Let’s just hope Villeneuve finds a way to pick up the pace because for all the beauty of the first Dune, a lot of fans can admit that it is definitely a slog to get through—much like Blade Runner 2049.

Watch out for Dune: Part Two when it releases in theaters on March 01, 2024.


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