Dragons: The Nine Realms Revamps The HTTYD Franchise

Dragons: The Nine Realms Revamps The HTTYD Franchise

The How to Train Your Dragon franchise closed with an open ending, and some fans thought that it was a weird way to end the story of Hiccup and Toothless. As it turns out, DreamWorks plans to continue the world of HTTYD, and we have a new teaser for Dragons: The Nine Realms.

Check it out:

With Hidden World ending with human and dragonkind separating worlds, it looks like the sequel is going to take place generations into the future (1300 years later, to be precise), hopefully in a time where humans and dragons can co-exist once again.

We don’t have any story breakdown, but we do have a blonde dragon rider on what looks to be a descendant of Toothless. I guess the series really leaned in on the dragons acting like cats, and they have this new night fury patterned after a modern house cat. Besides that, we have some modern buildings and windmills.

So far, the only cast member revealed for the show is Jeremy Shada (Adventure Time), and the showrunner will be John Tellegen. While I’m expecting a whole bunch of human characters to appear, we should also expect a new variety of dragons to make their debut in the show as well. Hopefully we can even see how the story of Hiccup ends, because it’s kind of tragic to think that he and Toothless never got to reunite with each other after The Hidden World.

Dragons: The Nine Realms comes to Hulu and Peacock on Dec. 23.

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