Disney CEO Promises More R-Rated Marvel Movies After Fox Acquisition

Disney CEO Promises More R-Rated Marvel Movies After Fox Acquisition

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One of the biggest worries coming out from the Disney/Fox merger was that Disney will end up watering down the more adult properties of the original franchise—specifically Deadpool. Good news is, the company is planning to keep pushing forward with the more mature films.

During the quarterly earnings call for Disney, CEO Bob Iger confirms (via ComicBook) that the studio is going to keep pumping out the R-Rated titles that came out under the Fox umbrella. Though Disney is best known for their family-friendly films, the R-rated titles that will come out will be marketed differently as not to confuse audiences.

While some may think that Marvel is going for a full reboot of the X-franchise, it’s possible that titles like Deadpool 3 and X-Force could still end up happening. Personally, I would prefer it that they just rebooted the whole thing but kept Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. DP is admittedly the highest earning title for Fox, and it would be ridiculous if Disney didn’t take advantage of that. Maybe they could have Doctor Strange pull him out his universe into the MCU. Maybe they could say that his films have been part of the MCU this whole time.

Whatever explanation they need, just don’t recast Reynolds. He’s worked too hard and too well on making the character the success that it is.

We don’t know what Disney has planned with the X-franchise moving forward, but we do know that Kevin Feige is planning to start development early this year. Maybe they should work on fixing Fantastic Four first.

The next MCU film on the slate is Captain Marvel and it comes out March 8.


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