Leaked Image from Deadpool 3 Reveals Wolverine with Comic-Accurate Cowl

Leaked Image from Deadpool 3 Reveals Wolverine with Comic-Accurate Cowl

It was last July when we got our first look at Hugh Jackman in the yellow comic-accurate Wolverine costume, and though we haven’t seen the cowl in official photos yet, some leaked promo images have revealed the final look—complete with white eyes.

Check this out:

We don’t know when the next official reveal for Deadpool 3 is going to be, but rumor has it that Wolverine is brought back as a recruit for a multiversal army that the TVA is going to be assembling; and it’s going to contain the prime versions of every Marvel hero.

Fans will know that Jackman’s Wolverine dies in Logan, but it’s said that the film will actually address this, and the Logan that we’re following in this movie is a variant that comes from a universe where the X-Men are all wearing comic-accurate costumes.

Besides Logan, there have also been Deadpool variants spotted on set. We know that Dogpool is going to be part of the film, but Reynolds has also been spotted with a long wig in a top-knot—possibly a Wade Wilson that has the mutant powers, but never had to undergo the procedure that permanently deformed him.

The movie is also said to be including appearances from other non-MCU heroes like Jennifer Garner’s Elektra as well as other vets from the older X-Men films including Halle Berry (Storm) and James Marsden (Cyclops).

Then again, those are just rumors, so we’ll just have to wait and see until the film releases to find out who really shows up.

Fingers crossed we get Chris Evans returning as the Human Torch. He already did that Free Guy cameo, so what’s one more small cameo in a Ryan Reynolds project?

Deadpool 3 is set to release in theaters July 26.


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