Emma Corrin Confirms Her Deadpool 3 Character is a Villain

Emma Corrin Confirms Her Deadpool 3 Character is a Villain

We know that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are at the center of Deadpool 3, but the film has also cast a bunch of new faces to play new characters.

One new cast member is Emma Corrin (The Crown), who still has an undisclosed role, but in a recent interview with Empire, she confirms that she’s playing a villain. She says, I feel really excited to play a villain…  haven’t done that, and it’s an itch I want to scratch.”

No details have been released on who Corrin could be playing, but some fans online have been throwing up several different characters including X-Men’s Spiral. Personally, I was suspecting that she was playing Gwen Poole a.k.a. Gwenpool, a character who also had Deadpool’s meta self-awareness. Though that Gwen is no doubt a ‘good guy’ in the comics, she does have an ‘Evil’ alternate version of herself that is able to take her meta-awareness to the next level and actually alter reality—perfect for a character like Deadpool and Wolverine who can’t be defeated physically.

In the same interview, Corrin does admit that she isn’t ‘a Marvel person,’ but she is very eager to be part of the Deadpool franchise. She says, “It’s a phenomenon, and I feel really lucky to be part of it. Especially Deadpool, because I love the fact that it’s self-aware, and critical of its own inner-workings.”

We don’t know when the film would be ready to give us a look at Corrin’s character officially, but Deadpool 3 is aiming for a release on Nov. 8, 2024. Let’s hope the SAG AFTRA and WGA Strike don’t push it back too far.


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