Stranger Things 5 has been Delayed by the WGA Strike

Stranger Things 5 has been Delayed by the WGA Strike

Netflix is set to end Stranger Things with the next season, and production was set to begin this year. Bad news is, it looks like the series will have to be delayed.

As confirmed by the show creators the Duffer Brothers online, Stranger Things 5 has chosen to halt production because of the Writers Guild Strike. The post reads:

For context, the WGA Strike has taken place when the guild has decided that studios should pay writers fair wages. Things had apparently gotten trickier since television moved over to streaming, and apparently, there aren’t any rules established on what benefits a writer can receive if their show gets on a streaming platform.

There have been WGA Strikes before, with the most recent one taking place in 2007–2008, lasting 100 days. Though productions can still continue without writers, it has been a proven point that the quality of the writing declines; just look at what happened to Heroes.

The online community has applauded the Duffers for halting production, especially with such a high-profile show. We don’t know how long the strike will last this time around, but hopefully the studios can come to a reasonable agreement.

No release date has been announced for the final season of Stranger Things, but fans were expecting the show to come back in 2024. We don’t know how long the strike could last, but the release of Season 5 will depend on when the strike ends.


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