Confirmed: Jeremy Irons is Playing An Older Ozymandias for HBO’s Watchmen

Confirmed: Jeremy Irons is Playing An Older Ozymandias for HBO’s Watchmen

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Ever since it was announced that Jeremy Irons would be starring in HBO’s Watchmen series, a lot of people had been wondering who he’s going to play in the show. A lot of fans will be happy to know that they’re speculations have been correct.

As per /Film, Irons will be playing the older version of Adrian Veidt a.k.a. Ozymandias. When Irons was first announced in the show, it was said that he would be playing an “aging and imperious lord of a British manor.” With that in mind, I’m thinking that either Ozy faked his death and is hiding under a new identity, or maybe that’s just really where Ozy’s character went after the events of the original Watchmen comic.

It’s worth noting that this TV series will be an extension of the original story told by Alan Moore in the comics. Set photos have revealed that the giant squid incident did happen in this world, and there are safety bunkers placed all over the city. It’s also implied that smaller incidents of the squid attacks have been taking place. It would make sense that Veidt would try to make the invasion seem as real as possible.

To those disappointed that this isn’t a full-on adaptation of the comic, it’s said that it will be keeping to the spirit of the original story. While the comic was placed on the political backdrop of the 80s, this one will comment on the current political climate, what with Trump, Putin, and the rest.

No release date has been set for HBO’s Watchmen, but expect it to come out next year.


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