China Shuts Down Theaters Again A Week After They Re-Opened

China Shuts Down Theaters Again A Week After They Re-Opened

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It looked like China was finally getting it together last week when they decided to re-open more than 600 movie theaters; and while it felt like a sign that things were starting to get better, the theaters have been instructed to close once again.

According to Deadline, the national film bureau of China has asked all the theathers to close again. What’s more, there isn’t any window for when they can re-open. Seeing that China was a powerhouse when it came to the box office, shut-down of theaters is tearing up a big chunk of their profits.

So much for the re-release of Avengers, Avatar, and some select Christopher Nolan films.

Before the theaters were shutting down, the virus was said to have started to slow in China, prompting the opening of the theaters. Recently though, there has been a spike of 53 new cases, thanks to some people visiting from overseas. Now China is refusing to have foreign citizens enter the country to avoid a new wave of the virus spreading.

Certainly China isn’t alone when it comes to being affected by the virus. The whole world has gone on lockdown, and just recently the US has surpasses China (and Italy) with the most confirmed cases of Coronavirus. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few months, but everyone’s fingers are crossed that things will get back to normal by June.

For now, best just wash your hands, avoid hoarding supplies, and stay at home.



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