Check Out New Photo of Dogpool from Deadpool 3

Check Out New Photo of Dogpool from Deadpool 3

With the SAG-AFTRA Strike over, Deadpool 3 can finally resume production. We haven’t seen any new glimpses of Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman yet, but we do have a new photo of a Deadpool variant in the movie in the form of Dogpool

Dogpool has their own official account, and we have a new photo of them just lying on their back. Check it:


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Though Dogpool is essentially male in the comics, it does look like the dog they got for the film is a girl; so to avoid any misgendering, I’ll just go with the neutral they/them for Dogpool.

In the comics, Dogpool was originally a dog named Wilson that was experimented on by a make-up company in the hopes that he would help create a product that could give people eternal youth. After his body was disregarded, he was discovered by a circus that used his healing ability to turn him into a performer named “Deadpool, the Daredevil Dog”. Eventually Dogpool was recruited into the Deadpool Corps. which was a collection of variant Deadpools that were brought together to face a growing threat.

We don’t know exactly what Dogpool’s role in the movie will be, but seeing as the film is supposed to have Wade dealing with the TVA, it’s possible that Dogpool could be one of the DP variants that they have in custody. Either that, or maybe Wade just runs into the dog and decides to keep them around for the fun of it.

Either way, I think Dogpool looks great, and they can be pretty cute despite looking like the dog version of Wade Wilson sans mask.

Deadpool 3 is aiming for a release on July 26, 2024.


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