Casey Affleck is a Failed Musician with a New Start in Trailer for Dreamin’ Wild

Casey Affleck is a Failed Musician with a New Start in Trailer for Dreamin’ Wild

Fans may have watched Casey Affleck rat out the father of the atomic bomb last July in Oppenheimer, but now he’s taking center stage for a musical drama based on a true story about a failed musician who gets a second chance at his dream.

Here’s the trailer for Dreamin’ Wild starring Affleck, Zooey Deschanel, Walton Goggins, and Chris Messina:

Here’s the official description:

Dreamin´ Wild is an album that the brothers Donnie (Casey Affleck) and Joe (Walton Goggins) Emerson recorded as teenagers in 1979 without much commercial success. Almost 30 years later, the brothers are surprised to learn from music executive Matt Sullivan (Chris Messina) that the album has been embraced by a new generation of fans, and that critics are calling it a masterpiece of teenage artistic expression. But Matt’s passion for the brothers’ music crashes into the ghosts of musical prodigy Donnie’s past and the complexities of his present life as a father and struggling business owner with his wife, Nancy (Zooey Deschanel). Music, love, family, guilt, and the unforeseen burden of resurfaced dreams intertwine in this captivating true story.

The movie is directed by Bill Pohland who is best known for his work on Love & Mercy which was a pseudo-biopic about the life of The Beach Boys songwriter Brian Wilson. Even the trailertehas a mention of Wilson which is probably a nod to Pohland’s earlier work.

As for the premise, it is based on the true story of Donnie Emerson, and though we got to watch a lot of fans fall in love with his music after decades, this film should push even more people to check out the Dreamin’ Wild album.

Dreamin’ Wild is set to release on digital on Sept. 26.


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