Blade Runner 2049: There’s an Order to Things in New Teasers and Posters

Blade Runner 2049: There’s an Order to Things in New Teasers and Posters

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After thirty years Rick Deckard is dusting off his badge. And thanks to two new posters and teaser trailers we can get a glimpse of what he’s up to.

Blade Runner 2049 is coming. October 6th of this year will bring Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling and Jared Leto back to the futuristic world where it’s okay to cry in the rain. Denis Villeneuve’s directing and Ridley Scott has his eye over productions. It’s safe to say this movie has the perfect recipe for an incredible sequel.

Two teasers for 2049 dropped this week, gearing fans up for the official trailer to arrive on Monday. Although they are only a few seconds long, each teaser gives the impression that this film is going to be a visual feast of Sy-Fy futuristic proportions.

There’s not much fans can dissect from the small clips. What you can pull from the teasers though is the fact you shouldn’t be afraid. Hearing they were making a sequel of Blade Runner was a terrifying subject. But these teasers should calm you. They looks visually stunning, they have futuristic tones and cues that made the first so incredible, oh and Harrison Ford is back. All the blades seem to be running at full speed.

Along with the teasers, two official posters have arrived from the offical Blade Runner 2049  Twitter. Each is very contrasting. Harrison Ford in the orange Mad Max Fury Road like environment, with ruins of his past life behind him. Gosling in the stark white world he now comes from (also an epic future car is looming in the forefront, which will hopefully be showcased and remade in full scale replica size for conventions). The posters are a hint at the old and new world of Blade Runner, dark and light, which are about to collide in 2049.

Posters, teasers and on Monday the official trailer arrives. It’s like Christmas in 2049. So what do you say we get that orange dust off that LAPD badge and get to work, again?

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