What Was I Made For?: Listen to Billie Eilish’s Original Track for Barbie Movie

What Was I Made For?: Listen to Billie Eilish’s Original Track for Barbie Movie

It’s been a month since fans were vibing to Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night from the Barbie movie, but now Billie Eilish has released her own original song from the movie which is on the sadder end of the emotional spectrum.

Listen to What Was I Made For?:

The video is just one take of Eilish taking out a Barbie bag and trying to assemble the accessories on the table, but she finds herself having trouble, culminating in pouring rain and wind, and ending with Eilish just packing everything up.

Fans will probably notice that a lot of the Barbie outfits that Eilish pulls out are outfits from her own career; too bad we don’t get to see her pull out her own doll.

We don’t really know when this song will come into the film, but I have a feeling that it will come around the end of the second act, with Barbie herself asking what she was made for. We don’t know exactly what the theme of the movie is, but fans guess that the film will be asking the audience if Barbie as a concept would still be relevant today, what with several people decrying her as a problem for the feminist movement.

With the movie releasing the same day as Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, a lot of fans have been gearing up for the cinematic clash of the decade which has been dubbed as Barbenheimer. Multiple audience members have bought tickets to watch both films on the same day, and fans online have been wondering which film is going to come out on top.

Catch Barbie when it comes to cinemas on July 21. The soundtrack for the film also comes out on the same day.


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