Benioff and Weiss’ Confederate Turned Down by HBO

Benioff and Weiss’ Confederate Turned Down by HBO

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Besides Game of Thrones, showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had been working on another series called Confederate which tells the story of an alternate universe where the South won the Civil War and Slavery was legal in a modern institution. The show had been gestating since early 2018, but it looks like HBO has finally given it the axe.

According to TV Line, HBO has turned down Benioff and Weiss’ Confederate. We don’t have any details as to why the project was turned down, but it probably has something to do with the pair turning into the butt of internet ridicule after the finale of Game of Thrones. Not to mention the notion of two white men writing a series about Slavery is not something a lot of people are keen on checking out.

If you ask me, the premise actually sounds interesting, and I would like to see what kind of alternate universe Confederate has to present. Personally, I don’t think Benioff and Weiss being white should be an issue. I mean, Damon Lindelof was white, and he was able to make Watchmen; which was rife on racial issues and social commentary. Why does Lindelof get praise with D&D becoming the center of controversy? It’s like the Game of Thrones fanbase just want a formal apology from the two before they can be allowed to work on anything ever again.

On the upside, there’s still Benioff and Weiss’ Netflix deal. I’m sure Netflix would be open to producing something like Confederate. I mean, if this deal is worth leaving Star Wars, then D&D better make the best of it.


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