‘Baywatch’ Big Game Spot Makes a Splash

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When the idea of a big-screen Baywatch movie was floated, it felt like it was one nostalgic remake too far. The wafer thin goings-on of a bunch of lifeguards, most of them filmed in a voyeuristic slow-mo that you simply cannot get away with these days, unless you’re Michael Bay. So why is it, with each trailer that’s released, this is starting to look as though it could be one of the most enjoyable pieces of disposable entertainment this summer?

Obviously there’s Dwayne Johnson, who has become something of a quality indicator, not necessarily for the movie as a whole, but at least you’ll know that he’ll be good in it. See Central Intelligence, San Andreas, even The Tooth Fairy.

Throw in Zach Efron, who has this frat-prat routine honed, and this can obviously go one of two ways; the Bad Grandpa Efron or the Bad Neighbours Efron. Here’s hoping for the latter.

The most promising thing about what we’ve seen so far is that it appears to be following the 21 Jump Street template. By that we mean it seems completely aware of how ridiculous it is, and isn’t afraid to poke fun at itself, something The Rock and Efron have both been willing to do in the past.

This Big Game Spot re-packages what we’ve already seen before; a showdown with the Police chief, and a reference to the lifeguard’s penchant for more frames per second, before signing off with a stars-n-stripes punchline.

The plot follows Mitch Buchanan (Dwayne Johnson taking the red shorts made famous by David Hasselhoff) as he clashes with Efron’s brash new recruit. The two have to join forces, along with Alex Daddario (True Detective), to take down a local crime ring.

Directed by Horrible Bosses Seth Gordon, we’ll find out if Baywatch sinks or swims when it hits cinema screens on May 31st.

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