‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Trailer Introduces Joker

‘Batman: The Telltale Series’ Trailer Introduces Joker

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Telltale has announced that episode four of their Batman series will launch next week. Of course, the news was accompanied by a new trailer. We all knew Joker would eventually appear, and there’s no better place for the Clown to debut than in Arkham. Check out the trailer below, and pay close attention to the madman’s voice.

Doesn’t he sound like Neil Patrick Harris? At first blush, the voice could be mistaken for the actor’s take on The Riddler. It’s definitely not Troy Baker, which is a bit of a missed opportunity. As the only person in history to ever play both the Bat and the Clown, it would have been fascinating to have him doing both in the same project. News on the casting will probably be revealed soon. However, let’s now focus on the trailer itself.

Episode four, Guardian of Gotham, will pick up after the disastrous press event that saw Bruce essentially hand over Wayne Enterprises to Oswald Cobblepot. The trailer opens with the hero in Arkham Asylum, meeting the Joker for presumably the first time. What’s especially interesting about the villain’s debut here is that his origins with the Bat are unknown. Is there an ACE Chemical incident in the Telltale Series? Is this guy even the Joker yet? Most importantly, if Bruce doesn’t recognize him, as it appears he doesn’t, how did Joker wind up in Arkham?

Below is the synopsis for Guardian of Gotham:

“Penguin has taken control of Wayne Enterprises, and the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane has a new guest – you – Bruce Wayne. With the Batman removed from the streets of Gotham City, Harvey Dent’s forces and the Children of Arkham are at war, with innocent citizens caught in the crossfire. To escape the ‘comforts’ of your padded cell, you must choose allies to aid in your escape, even if they aren’t the sort to put a smile on your face. How far are you willing to go for justice? For vengeance? What now, Dark Knight?”

The latest episode launches November 22.

Image: Warner Bros./Telltale Games


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