Arrow: Stephen Amell Teases the Return of Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke

Arrow: Stephen Amell Teases the Return of Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke

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Hopes were high of the villain’s return last fall when Stephen Amell began sharing images of himself and Deathstroke. Season 2’s big bad was meant to take part in Arrow’s 100th episode, and he did. However, to the disdain of many, Manu Bennett did not appear. Now, here were are four months later and Amell is back at it again, teasing more Deathstroke. Except this time, Bennett received a shout out. The Arrow star took to Twitter recently, and welcomed the actor back into the fold.

Spoilers for Arrow Season 5 follow.

All we see is Deathstroke’s mask neatly sitting on the ground. Along with the photo reads the caption, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” Of course, this could intimate any number of things. The most likely, though, is that Oliver may enlist his old nemesis’ help to take down Prometheus. Perhaps we should think of it like Silence of the Lambs, using one crazed killer to go after another. After all, Adrian Chase, in addition to Talia al Ghul’s training, seems to have taken some inspiration from Deathstroke.  That in mind, it’ll be quite a treat to see the two villains go head to head…

As Season 5 draws to a close, and Arrow continues to show its Season 2 DNA is still nesteled within, Prometheus has steadily wowed. Might he be up there with Deathstroke as the series greatest villain? Is it possible that once the finale rolls out fans will consider him better? At this point, it is not beyond the realm of possibility. As such, we can’t wait to see how Manu Bennett is utilized as the season comes to an end.

Arrow will return from its brief hiatus on Wednesday, April 26. Season 5’s finale is set to air in May.

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